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L2FIGHT Welcome

Are You tired of boring, short-term servers focused only on profit ?

Get to know the new level of servers of Lineage II !

What we can provide ?

  • long-term play
  • unique location PvP / PvE - Fafurion Zone
  • new unique quests
  • new raid bosses; including one epic with a new epic necklace
  • well-done geo and files
  • the newst Smart Guard version
  • easy contact with administration via tickets system

  • Are you ready for an adventure ?

    Join the L2 FIGHT server community today !

    Join Now !

    L2FIGHT Features
  • EXP/SP x15 «
  • Drop x10 «
  • Spoil x10 «
  • Adena x10 «
  • Drop x10 «
  • Quest x2 «
  • Max Clients per PC:5
  • Subclass - no quest
  • Max Subclass - 3
  • Max Level Sub - 85 LvL
  • Auto Loot
  • Offline Trade
  • Offline Buffs
  • Auto learn skills
  • Vitality System
  • Master Work Items
  • Global GK
  • Newbie Help
  • NPC Buffer scheme
  • Vote reward
  • Stream reward
  • Achievement system
  • Weekly Sieges/TWs
  • Free Sub-Classes
  • Full GMShop until S Grade

  • More Features


    Video Presentation


    Thanks to the cooperation between GMSG Team and Asuki, it was created a new, epic, Raid Boss -Water Dragon Fafurion. Daredevils, who will try to defeat him, they'll have chance for new Epic Fafurion Necklace.

    Fafurion weapon Dressme

    For players bored of standard the appearance of weapons and the same Dressme on each server of L2 waits new unique Fafurion Weapon Dressme and many, many more - equally interesting.

    Fafurion Monsters

    In addition to a completely new continent and a new Raid Boss, for our players waits also completely new Fafurion monsters with special abilities. Do You think that you can give them advice? See for yourself on L2FIGHT!

    Trailer L2Fight

    The official trailer of our server